Hope stories of children from Telangana

Akshaya Patra
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Life is filled with fun and frolic as kids. There is nothing to worry about other than eat, play, study and friends. Childhood holds the best place in our memories; school is one place where you make moments that remain etched in your brains till you grow up to be old.

Remembering lunch breaks and the thoughts of sharing home-cooked food with friends brings a satisfying smile on our faces. But, there are millions of children who cannot afford to bring home-cooked food. These children come to schools only because they get free meals once a day that they would otherwise not have access to. If you happen to visit any Government and Government-aided schools, you can see the excitement on children’s faces on hearing the school bell ring during the lunch break. Millions of NGO’s that feed meals to children belonging to challenging socio-economic backgrounds in India. One such NGO is The Akshaya Patra Foundation that feeds unlimited food for education to support the health and education of children. The Foundation is present in 52 locations spread across 12 States and 2 Union Territories of India.

Akshaya Patra supports the Government’s Mid-Day Meal Programme and helps nourish children who want to achieve big in life; these are “hope” stories that they wish to come true when they grow up. Here are a few stories of children from Telangana.

Vanaja is a 13-year-old, 7th standard student from Margons Ragon School — Mehboobnagar. She dreams of becoming an Agriculture officer one day and help farmers like her father who struggle a lot to yield the fruits of their hard work. It was her father’s dream to watch her grow up to become a big personality. Once she fulfils her dream, it will be her biggest achievement and a gift to her father.

Mahesh is a 7th standard boy studying in UPS Rajampet, Sangareddy district. He is a street-smart child who clearly knows that chasing dreams for other’s happiness will not take him any far. His goal is set on becoming an MBA graduate and partnering with NGOs like The Akshaya Patra Foundation that provides free unlimited meals to children like him. He aims of only one thing — being so famous that every news channel and news report will have his name on the Headlines.

Shruti is a 3rd standard student from Margons Ragon School who does not really know what she wants to be when she grows up. She has only one hope story; she says “A coolie’s daughter does not have to be a coolie, I will become something better.” As of today, she is deciding if she wants to be an Agronomist or a Biology teacher to teach children about interesting topics.

Stories of Children

Munna is a 14-year old boy studying in 8th standard in Mehboobnagar’s M.P Prathamika Patashala. He is a little different in terms of his ambition when compared to his friends who want to become police officers, army officers, etc.; he wants to become a Telugu teacher. He believes that he can impart knowledge and morals more effectively if he communicates in the local language.

Deepika is a 7th standard student from UPS Rajampet, Sangareddy district. She is very determined on becoming a television anchor at this young age. She is a fluent speaker and makes every event or activity energetic in her school with her live commentary. She does not miss any opportunity to showcase her talent. She often tells her mother, “Amma, one day, you will see me on TV.”

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Stories of children are many, but the one thing that drives them to follow their dream, is the healthy and hot food they receive at school. The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s food is filled with health and nutrition. This NGO in Telangana serves mid-day meals to 1,198 Government and Government-aided schools. The ingredients used in making the menu are carefully chosen by following the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). This food gives children the required nutrition for overall cognitive and physical development.

You too can support the Foundation to provide healthy meals to children all over India by donating online here. Children are the next generation who will drive the future of the nation.

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