Celebrating DaanUtsav — Experience the Joy of Giving

Akshaya Patra
3 min readOct 7, 2021


Joy of giving-Daan Utsav

Have you ever experienced the ‘Joy of Giving’? If you haven’t, here is your chance─ this week, from 2 to 8 October, India is celebrating DaanUtsav or The Joy of Giving Week also known as ‘festival of philanthropy’. It’s an annual celebration engaging people from all walks of life ranging from corporate sectors to NGOs and government sectors to schools, colleges and the general mass. People exercise the act of giving their resources, money, skills and time to support those in need. Though there are several things you can do to assist someone, here is helping you find a few.

Food Assistance

As the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown put millions of people from marginalised society at the risk of hunger, this issue needs to be addressed. Migrant workers, daily wagers, rough sleepers, slum dwellers, residents at old age homes, frontline health workers, homeless widows, children and many more are in need of a nourishing meal every day. NGOs work to provide and meet this basic necessity across India. So, DaanUtsav gives you that opportunity to donate to NGO and feed the needy. You can participate by contributing to an NGO in Bangalore, if you reside in the city or any other organizations of repute that corresponds to your location.

NGO works on a need-based approach and provide cooked meals or various forms of ration kits designed to meet specific requirements. This joy of giving week, you can explore the options to donate to NGO and reach out to the vulnerable population in India.

Serving Cooked Meals

There is an NGO in Bangalore that serves cooked meals to vulnerable communities across India since the onset of the pandemic. In the effort to feed the needy, so far, over 8.71 crore freshly cooked meals have been served to millions of people. To carry on the effort, you can donate to NGO and experience the joy of giving this DaanUtsav.

Distributing Essential Grocery Boxes

To ensure that people from marginalized sections of society across India have access to adequate food items, essential grocery boxes are distributed by Akshaya Patra . Each box contains enough ration to cook 42/28 meals (depending on the state of distribution). Over 14.10 lakh boxes have been distributed so far.

Do you think you can donate to NGO and make sure someone is safe from hunger?

Giving Happiness Kits

As you know, schools were closed to ensure the safety for children during the pandemic. But, the children needed proper nutrition. Therefore ‘Happiness Kits’ was designed to meet children’s nutritional requirement as well as encourage continuous learning. One Happiness Kit contains ration to make 20 meals. It also has glucose biscuits, basic hygiene supplies, stationery items and books.

This DaanUtsav, why not experience the joy of giving by gifting a happiness kit to a child?

Support with Family Happiness Kits

As an NGO in Bangalore, Akshaya Patra also designed a special kit called ‘Family Happiness Kit’ to support an average family of four. A kit has enough ingredientsfor 120 meals as well as stationery items, basic hygiene supplies (including masks and sanitary pads) and COVID-19 awareness booklet.

How about giving a box of hope to a family this DaanUtsav?

Raksha or Shakti Kits

NGO works to reduce vaccine hesitancy through incentivized vaccine drives. People from marginalized communities are offered ‘Raksha Kit’, which contains ration for 21 meals, after taking their vaccine shot. Here is a chance to protect someone from COVID-19 as well as hunger.

Or you can opt to donate to NGO and help an expecting mother with a ‘Shakti Kit’. One kit has nutritional supplements for 42 days, to support a malnourished pregnant woman.

Mid-meal for school children

With situations improving, schools have started to reopen in a few states. Besides it, the Mid-Day Meal Programme has resumed to make sure children are provided freshly cooked, hot, nutritious and safe lunch every day. You can help this NGO in Bangalore continue serving the children of India.

The list can go on. The idea is to ensure someone gets a decent meal with dignity. Food is the most basic and critical of needs, and millions are unable to have access or afford a square meal. That’s a reality!

You can start a change or join a change this Daan Utsav. And the Joy of Giving is just a bonus!



Akshaya Patra

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an NGO in India for children provides mid-day meals for 1.7 million children across 12 states. https://www.akshayapatra.org/